You may think of window tints as an aesthetic component of upgrading your car, but it also provides functional and long-lasting benefits for both you and your vehicle. Ride more confidently in your car with window tints, which provide greater privacy but also provide you with protection from harmful UV rays from the sun. Technicians at Luminex Lighting are trained to flawlessly install window tints in your car. Our window tints are computer cut, which ensure perfect fit every time. Our window tints are engineered to deliver a higher standard of performance with high-quality color stability and durable coating. Our ceramic window tints maximize benefits like heat, UV, and glare rejection. For more information about our window tints, or to schedule a service, contact us today.  

Increase Your Security

To a certain degree, window tinting provides a greater level of privacy and security for you and your passengers. Not only are people discouraged from peeking into your car while you are inside, but you can rest assured that when you park your car and walk away, nop one is trying to take a look inside. Your valuables are safer than before, and you can have peace of mind knowing that people walking by your car won’t be able to see the contents in your car as clearly. 

Reduce the Heat Inside of Your Car

Installing window tints reduces the amount of heat that travels inside your car, thus making it cooler. Even on warm summer days, our ceramic window tints will reduce the heat generated by direct sunlight. Further, with the decrease in the amount of heat that gets inside your car, you may even need less energy to cool your car down with your air conditioning. 

Protect Your Upholstery From Fading

Your car is an investment, and replacing or repairing the upholstery inside is just as much as an investment. Window tints professionally installed by our team is a great way to protect your investment, reducing the amount of damage from the sun. Window tints block out harsh sunlight that can fade upholstery and discolor leather and vinyl. Further, it can protect car interiors from cracking and warping, ensuring that your car will look newer for longer.  

Block Out Harmful UV Rays

Installing window tints in your car can block up to 99% of the sun’s harmful ultraviolet rays. Prolonged and frequent exposure to UV rays can accelerate skin aging and can lead to skin cancer. While clear window film offers UV protection that blocks out UVA and UVB rays, it is better to install window tints, especially for people who spend a lot of time in their cars.