Luminex window-tinting is computer cut – giving you perfect results every time!

Luminex Lighting & Window Tinting offers amazing window tinting in Lilburn, GA. This is a great way to stay cool when it’s hot.

The main purpose of this process is to reduce the amount of heat and radiation from the sun that reaches the interior of the vehicle, but it also improves the overall look of the vehicle. We specialize in providing the best window tinting services in Metro-Atlanta. Our goal is to provide our customers with the very best products and flawless installations every single time.

In addition to auto window tinting, we provide other services to enhance your driving experience. As valued clients, you deserve nothing less than our best effort in auto stereos. Nothing makes a drive better than great music. Make sure you’re getting the best audio quality and excellent bass.

Our specialty, however, is in auto headlights. When you need custom headlights, our name should be at the top of your list. We are your number one choice for all-around auto customization. When it comes to your car exteriors, we want to be the first one you call. Get on the phone with Luminex Lighting & Window Tinting to set up an appointment today!

What are the regulations regarding window tinting?

Windshield: Non-reflective tint is allowed on the top 6 inches of the windshield.

Front door window: Must be 32% or lighter.

Back door window: Must be 32% or lighter.

Rear glass: Must be 32% or lighter.


Suntek Standard Pro (3 year warranty):
– Coupe $125
– Sedan $165
– SUV/ Trucks $180+

Suntek Carbon XP (Lifetime warranty):
– Coupe $185
– Sedan $225
– SUV/ Trucks $300+

Suntek Ceramic IR (Lifetime warranty):
– Coupe $250
– Sedan $300
– SUV/ Trucks $400+

Tint Removal
– 2 Fronts $30
– Full Vehicle $120