There was a time, back in the late 80s and early 90s, when window tint was much more than a simple modification, it was a lifestyle. You see, the custom crowd was very into window tint. Of course, window tint was a much different animal than it is today and much harder to install. As a result, you had rolls of window tint being sold in auto parts stores alongside fuzzy steering wheel covers and plastic dice valve caps. The 90s were a glorious time for vehicles, there were mini trucks with tilting beds, vans still left over from the 80s and most importantly, neon. There was neon splattered everywhere, color combinations that should never be combined in nature.

While the paint was awful, most of the window tint was even worse. A person in acid washed jeans could walk into an auto parts store and walk out with a roll of purple window tint, *assembly required. They could roll home in anticipation of how cool their ride was going to be once the plum colored tint was installed. The result was… let’s just say that we all made mistakes back then and those mistakes may or may not have included an excessive amount of bubbles.

Tint of The Future

Through the 90s and into the 21st century window tint went through a Renaissance, eventually becoming the high quality product that we expect today. While installation is much more polished, it still takes a steady hand and experience to get it just right. At Luminex Lighting in Lilburn, we are the most trusted window tint installation professionals in the Metro Atlanta. Not only do we install bubble-free tint on any vehicle, we can also set you up with LED lighting, car audio, paint protection film, and much more. We have everything to make your car into the unique platform for your personality. When it comes to tint we don’t mess around, and we know you will be delighted with the results.  

Custom Cut Window Tint

Back in the old days you had to measure, cut, and trim to get window tint to fit just right. At Luminex, we use special computer cut film that will fit just right, no guesswork, just smooth professional results. No longer do you have to worry about your window tint looking awful or peeling off a few weeks later. If you haven’t had window tint since the 90s it is time to reconsider and contact Luminex.

Some Notes About Window Tint

We have all seen those cars that are impossibly blacked out, windows and all. While that may look pretty cool, the harsh reality is, those vehicles are not exactly legal. While law enforcement may have much more important issues to deal with, it is not unheard of for a heavily tinted car to receive a ticket. The laws in Georgia dictate that only a certain percentage of window tint can be applied, even though darker tints are available. When you trust the professionals at Luminex you can rest easy knowing that your vehicle’s window tint is legal.

High End Tint

What do you get the vehicle owner that has everything? High end window tint of course! Ceramic tint has been a game changer in the industry and is nothing less than the best tint you can get. Once you experience ceramic tint on your vehicle, you will never own another without installing this luxurious tint. Whether you want the best ceramic tint money can buy or just want your car to look and feel cooler, it is time to book an appointment with Luminex in Lilburn today. Be sure and ask about our window tint specials, call today!