When it comes to customizing your car, many people just think about paint jobs, but paint doesn’t offer the same eye-catching quality that vinyl wraps provide. Vinyl car wraps are increasing in popularity, and for good reason. Not only do they give you the opportunity to truly embrace customizable designs, but they can also help protect the visual integrity of your car. To get a free quote, or to schedule a service for protective vinyl wraps and customizable wraps, contact Luminex Lighting today.



Vinyl wrapping is the alternative to painting your car with several advantages. Overall, vinyl car wrapping is the process of applying a thin film to the exterior of your car, right over the paint. The film offers a protective barrier against rocks and other debris that the front of your vehicle encounters on the road. Because the vinyl takes most of the impact, it keeps the paint underneath looking newer for longer. 

Variety of Design Options

In addition to protecting the original paint of the car, vinyl wraps provide you with a larger variety of colors and finishes than most paint options. Any color that you can find with pani you can also find with vinyl, and each color can even be given a different finish, like gloss, semi-gloss, matte, or satin. The designs are limitless, especially since they can also be customized with digital printed designs.  

Removable Design

Unlike paint, the results of vinyl car wraps are not permanent. With paint, there is no going back to what the car once looked like. Car wraps are completely removable, and what’s more is that vinyl wraps will not damage the pain underneath it, protecting it from the elements until the vinyl wrap is removed. While repainting the car can affect the resale value of the car, wrapping the car allows you to change the car’s appearance while not having any impact on the resale value, as you are not comprising the original design of the car. 

A vinyl car wrap can enhance the appearance of your car while still giving you the option of changing it as much as you want. Our technicians are experts at applying vinyl wraps, ensuring that you’ll get a perfect wrap every time you come in. For more information about our vinyl wraps, contact us today. To get a free estimate, fill out the form to your right!