We are pleased to welcome you to the newly redesigned Luminex Lighting — your number one source for HID headlights, window tinting, and vehicle wraps in Lilburn, Georgia. No matter what you drive, the experts at Luminex are sure to have what you are looking for to customize your vehicle.

Customization At its Finest

Many of us know we want to do something big to our vehicles, but don’t necessarily want to have the same old thing everyone else does. No matter what you drive, from a jacked up Chevy to a silent but deadly Tesla, Luminex has what you need to make your ride one of a kind.


You could say that lighting is a specialty of ours, in fact, we are as passionate about vehicle lighting as we are about customization in general. Lighting is one of the most overlooked facets of vehicle upgrades and customization. The advances in the last decade have allowed vehicle manufacturers and enthusiasts alike to add HID and LED lights to just about any vehicle. Normal vehicle lighting generally is comprised of halogen bulbs that, while bright, are just not as dynamic as a set of HID headlights. Not only do they look amazing on virtually any vehicle, but they allow a huge upgrade in visibility. Safety is one of the main reasons that we recommend our HID upgrades for our customers. They are an exceptional upgrade for your vehicle.

Of course lighting does end at the head and tail lights, modern vehicles have literally hundreds of different little lights everywhere. Places like the door panels, the instrument cluster, the turn signals, and many more. Luminex is proud to say we can take all of those random lights and make your vehicle truly one of a kind with our LED upgrades. We are able to fit LED lights in all sorts of areas, meaning we can even custom design a lighting package just for your vehicle. Want LEDs under the car so it casts a sinister glow at the stoplight? We can handle that. No matter what you need for lighting, Luminex can install it.

Window Tinting

Window tinting can get a bad rap, especially when you see a car with awful, bubbled tint that someone did in their backyard. At Luminex, we don’t mess around with the substandard tint that many companies use, our tint is custom cut by a computer to ensure that it will look amazing. We custom cut each piece for your window specifically for your model and make of vehicle. No bubbles here either, our expert installers are professionals, not that your brother can’t do a good job but we lay down tint all day.

PPF – Paint Protection Film

Technology has given us a virtual time capsule in paint protection film. No longer do you have to worry about protecting your paint job from every little nick and scratch. PPF works like a screen cover on your iPhone, it is a clear, strong membrane that fits over the paint, protecting it from damage. The beauty of paint protection film is that it is entirely removable and there is no evidence after removal that it was ever installed. Now, this isn’t your old school clear bra that yellowed and peeled after a few years, new PPF is crystal clear and will not discolor your paint. Think of it as wrapping your car in a protective bubble for as long as you need!

Car Audio

The pinnacle of the customization experience is a car audio system. Many times the first upgrade that drivers will make in their cars is audio upgrades, and why not, these days you can outfit your ride with everything that you can fit into the entertainment center at your moms house. Many people think that in order to have a great car stereo you need to have huge speakers, and that is not entirely true. Modern car audio systems can almost be completely hidden and the only indication that it is upgraded is the incredible experience when the system is turned up. Today car audio also includes video and touch screen technology, it is a completely different experience compared to the cheap speakers you had in high school. While we are on the topic of speakers, Luminex can mount speakers in just about anything you want. We do cars, trucks, SUVs, boats, motorcycles, and even RVs. No matter where you want to go or what you want to drive, we can outfit it with an epic sound system.        

Vinyl Wraps

You have probably seen the vehicles running around that look like a rolling billboard. Well, that is what is known as a vinyl vehicle wrap. Vehicle wraps are an incredible way to not only advertise your business but protect the paint on your vehicle as well. Vinyl wraps can be used to change the color of your ride at any time without the expense of paint. The best part about vinyl wraps is the fact that they are removable and leave no residue or paint damage behind.  

Bring Your Ride To Luminex

No matter what you need, from lighting, to car audio to vinyl wraps, Luminex is your one-stop shop. Swing by our Lilburn location to experience the difference for yourself! If you would like a free estimate, please fill out a request form and one of our staff will contact you with more information.