When you need high-quality LED lighting for your car, Lumix Lighting in Lilburn, Georgia is your go-to in automotive lighting. Whether you want to customize the interior of your car with LED lights or install sleek LED and HID headlights, our experts will help your car stand out. Our auto decal experts give you the best deal on a wide range of LED lights that will make your car, well, cool. In addition to making your car eye-catching, LED lights provide multiple advantages. The unique character of your car is priceless, so if you would like a free quote, fill out our online form now or contact us today for more information. 

Brighter Illumination

LED lighting systems within cars are becoming increasingly popular because they use less energy, produce less heat, and offer a brighter illumination. LED lights are well-known for shining much brighter than traditional light bulbs at lower costs. LED offers more light in an efficient manner, producing a higher quality of light than weak and watery yellow lights. LED headlights are sharp, and illuminate objects that are directly in front of the light as well as in the peripheral of the light, giving you a wider viewing range. The clearer quality of light allows you to see more of the road ahead of you without blinding other drivers, making them a superior choice for headlights.  

Increased Efficiency 

LED headlights and LED interior lighting have significantly greater efficiency than halogen bulbs and other incandescent counterparts. LED lights use less heat energy, where halogen bulbs waste 80% of their energy by generating excessive heat. LED lights only waste 20% of their energy on heat, using less energy while offering a stronger light. Because they produce less heat, it is significantly less likely that the bulbs will blow, helping you avoid bulb replacement and saving you money on maintenance expenses. LED lights are great for long-term use and don’t have as many needs as traditional lights, so you are less likely to need to switch out your lights over the lifespan of your car. In contrast to traditional lights, LED lights are made to last, so you can trust that LED lights are the superior lighting system, not to mention a safer alternative to halogen headlights. Lastly, because they don’t consume as much energy as traditional lights, LED lights are less of a strain on your car’s battery, which is always a good thing. 

The Sleek Design

For many people, choosing LED lights is about the cost-effectiveness and efficiency, while for others, LED lights symbolize a unique look that will separate their car from every other on the street. LED lights offer an attractive design that cannot be replicated in traditional lights, and because of the way they can be arranged, LED lights give you the freedom of making artistic designs and the creative freedom to customize your car. The customizable quality of LED lights adds dimension to your car as well, whether you are using LED lights for your headlights, within your car, or to create hologram logos. These are endless opportunities that you can choose from the truly make your car your own and grab the attention of others. 

The advantages that LED lights offer heavily outweigh common halogen lights. They are long-lasting, durable, provide better color and visibility, and are customizable. If you are considering making the switch to LED lights, then you know who to call. Lumix Lighting offers the best in LED lights, custom vinyl wraps, car audio, and window tints. For a free estimate, fill out our online form. For more information about our services, contact us today.