While many people may just see a car that takes them from point A to point B, you see your car and you see endless opportunities to improve its appearance, make it look cool, and show it off to your friends and the entire town. To you, your car is another accessory, an extension of how you express your style and personality. If nothing excites you more than being able to change the appearance of your car, then you may need to look into tricking out your car. There are plenty of easy ways to do, like a simple headlight replacement to LED lights, adding window tints, or painting your car. Here at Luminex Lighting in Lilburn, we can do it all!

Replace Your Head and Tail Lights

Your headlights and tail lights attract a lot of attention, especially at night when they are the only visible components of your car. Even the most subtle change in design can change your car’s appearance and make it look more expensive and high-end. In the grand scheme of car designs, even making your headlights snazzy and eye-catching is relatively cheap. We recommend choosing LED headlights for their improved lighting quality, durability, efficiency, safety, and enhanced aesthetic quality they add to the car. 

Play Around With the Suspension

Depending on the type of car you have and the kind of look you’re going for, lowering or raising the suspension can make your car sleek and sports-like or more rugged looking. Lowering your suspension may be a better look for smaller cars, like compact cars or hatchbacks, but keep in mind that doing so may bring some safety concerns. Elevating your suspension will make your car look more intimidating and powerful, which may be just what you’re looking for. 

Modify the Upholstery

While many modifications are considered to be done outside of the car, the interior is just as important. What are you supposed to do when someone wants to look at the inside of your car because the outside was so cool? You don’t want to shyly expose your cloth seats with stains and discoloration that act as a testament to how old they are. Revamp your driving experience by changing the upholstery to leather, which makes the inside of your car that much more luxurious and satisfying to drive. Of course, with this modification, you will have to keep up with the maintenance and demands that leather has. If upgrading your upholstery, however, is too much of an investment for you, then seat covers are still an attractive alternative. 

Paint Your Car

Painting your car can not only transform it, but transcend it from its regular look to a new and enhanced appearance that will make it seem new and expensive. When you paint your car, there are endless opportunities and routes you can take to make your car stand out from the crowd. While painting it a solid color of your choice is enough to customize it to your personal taste and style, more intense illustrations and graphics will give your car flair and will get you the attention you’re looking for. The sky’s the limit when you paint your car, because it is a blank canvas waiting to be filled with all of your imaginative and creative expression. A style that used to be widely popular, but isn’t dead yet, is pinstriping. The colors you choose should complement the color of your vehicle, but also attract attention.     

Add an Interior LED Lighting Kit 

Just like adding nice upholstery to your car, adding interior LED lights upgrades your car’s look to something more extravagant. You don’t have to drive a fancy car, but if you’re driving anyone at night, they’ll forget what kind of car you drive and get lost in the lights that bathe them. Neon lights along your dashboard and around the roof of your car completely changes the atmosphere of your car and enhances the ambiance that would otherwise be missing. LED lighting kits are easy to install and not too expensive.

If this is your first time upgrading and customizing your car, it might be best to take it to the professionals at Lumiex. Not only do we offer Plasti Dip, LED lighting, and window tints, we also make sure your ride is looking as fresh as possible. If you’re looking for expert advice or want to upgrade your car, call Luminex today!